• 4 or 5 channels multiplexing for discrimination of up to five targets in a single reaction well*
  • Strong flexibility thanks to the 96-well format suited for standard PCR microplates, test tubes and strips
  • Possibility to use tubes with different heights with regulation of the matrix block
  • Optimal signal/noise ratio and absence of crosstalk ensured by the unique design of the optical track including a separate light source for each channel and a matrix CCD camera
  • Light emitting diodes (LED) as a light source with a lifetime of about 100,000 hours that does not require maintenance or constant
  • Wide dynamic range of detection using multiple exposure method, which leads the optimization of signal registration conditions to a whole new level, greatly simplifying or even eliminating the need for fluorescence settings
  • Main applications are Real-Time quantitation, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) genotyping, melting curve and gene expression analysis
  • Instrument comes with the most used Sacace protocols already installed in the software minimizing possibility of error during programming.
* the standard device has four channels. The fifth channel is optional and must be requested by the customer.

Optical Scheme